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SATT Coastal Relief Drive Kicks Off

We are on a mission to provide hampers to at least 20 families from each of the coastal villages in Trinidad and Tobago upon which the surfing community relies for our sporting activities.  This initiative is being spearheaded by Craig de Freitas and Chris Dennis along with the full support of the remaining SATT executive. For those members who have already contributed we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude. If anyone would like more information about this relief effort please feel free to reach out to any one of the executive members.

  • Jean Paul (Diego Martin) 741-7021

  • Dominic (Cascade) 763-1860

  • Craig (Maraval/Santa Cruz) 339-0663

  • Damian (Dundonald Street) 743-5416

  • Kiwan (Maracas/St. Joseph) 748-8099

  • Chris (North East cost) 748-9497

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