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SATT Partners

Since the inception of the SATT the MInistry of Sport has been supporting and encouraging the development and diversification of the sport of Surfing in Trinidad and Tobago by consistently funding many of our competitive teams in regional and international events.

More recently, they have come on board offering guidance as the SATT expanded in seeking new talent in primary schools in the coastal communities, and subsequently supporting the Junior Training Programme.

The International Surfing Association has been the governing body for world surfing since the SATT was formed and has not wavered in its quest for legitimising surfing as a high performance athletic sport; their crowning achivement being the inclusion of the sport of surfing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Since 2012 young surfers from T&T have benefitted from the ISA International Scholarship Programme and have used the funds to improve their equipment and travel to regional competitions. 

In July 2016 Surfing was officially selected for inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. On October 18th 2016 the Surfing Association of Trinidad and Tobago became officially affiliated with the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee.

The SATT is excited to take on the challenge. 

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