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2017 National Surfing
Championships Results


1st Elton John

2nd Oba Lewis

3rd Ziggy Schweden

4th Logan de Freitas


Open Men

1st Chris Dennis

2nd Jesse Jarvis

3rd Elton John/Shane Henneman



1st Chris Dennis

2nd Che Lovelace

3rd Kendell Francis

4th Mikey “Bully” Phillips

Grand Masters

John Torry

Surfer of the Year

Chris Dennis

Thank you to our sponsors:

Special thanks to :

Delisa Blizzard

Jean Paul Rostant

Sangre Grande Reg Corp

Edward Bowen

Daren Balkaran

Christie Harewood

Marcy Jackson-Smith

Chaz Maingot

Dominic Besson

Warren Rostant

Brendan Delzin

Chris Dennis

The Sans Souci Community

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