2018 National Surfing
Championships Results

Open Men

1st Craig de Freitas

2nd Chris Dennis

3rd Elton John and  Keith Lewis


1st Oba Lewis

2nd Ronaldo Yeates

3rd Jude Gomez

4th Zoevany Schweden


U14 Girls

1st Ludmilla Günther

2nd Kizhara Dennis

3rd Keshana Charles

4th Shemiqua Haynes

U14 Boys

1st Oba Lewis

2nd Zoevany Schweden

3rd Jude Gomez

4th Justin Mota

U12 Mixed

1st Ludmilla Günther

2nd Ben Harragin

3rd Kai Lewis

4th Colt Roberts

Thank you to our sponsors:

Special thanks to :

The community of Balandra and Chris Dennis for their work on the ground lending us their energy and support:

Lyndon Francois
Terry Lewis
Elton John
Tyrel Butler
Oba Lewis
Manuela Giger
Jyelle Lewis
Tyron Charles
Romario Haynes 
Omarion Butler

The Tobago youths who assisted when help was needed:

 Joshua Aqui Crouch
Jude Gomez
Ziggy Schweden
Zoevany Schweden
Ronaldo Yeates

To our Judges and event management team:

Warren Rostant
Dominic Besson
Mark Nunez
Lee Quesnel 
Shawn Rostant 
Kevin Seetai
Andre Stewart

Photos: Brendan Delzin

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