SATT Board

With a strong interest in improving the quality of events and developmental infrastructure, the SATT has sought to increase its presence and operate in several areas of activity related to surfing.

The results of this ongoing program have been very positive as we have witnessed a sharp rise in surfers in the Junior division.

Surfing in Trinidad and Tobago has a long colourful history, from its early pioneers to the formation of the SATT in the 1980s to the array of gifted competitive surfers that emerged from the 1990s.

Jean-Paul Rostant
Warren Rostant


Brendan Delzin

PR Officer

Tel:  868-795-5736

Dominic Besson

Vice President

Karina Jeffrey


Kiwan Landreth-Smith

Communications Officer

Chris Dennis


Craig De Freitas
Damian Hares
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